Getting a pocket money advance from
Pocket Money Loans is easy-peasy!


We offer quick, cheap* loans to kids aged 3+ at competitive rates**. Whatever you need it for, Pocket Money Loans allow you to live beyond your means!

From computer games to ice lollies, dolls houses to iPads, Pokemon cards to football stickers, you know exactly what you want and when you want it:


But some adults don't want you to have everything you want. They want to stop you having fun and make you "save up" and be "responsible". Well we say bum to that! Tomorrow can get lost!

We help you buy the things you can't afford!

If you're unable to make your repayment on time, don't worry! Each missed repayment only adds a late charge to your bill, plus compound interest on the total amount (I know, boring right?) As an added bonus three consecutive missed repayments means you also qualify for a free toy!


Why not check out Frequently Asked Questions, or find your nearest store!

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Representative example Amount of credit: £10 for 18 days. Interest: £24.65. Interest rate: 246%pa (fixed).Transmission fee: £5.50. Total repayment of: £40.15 plus late payment charge of £20 rolled over for next 18 days plus interest. Second missed repayment of £148.31 plus late payment charge of £20 rolled over for next 18 days plus interest. Third missed repayment of £415.01 rolled over with interest and so on and so on until we take you for everything you have and you lay awake at night with the stress boiling in your veins, going over and over what you owe and who you owe it to and what you can sell or pawn just to keep your neck above the water for another week. Representative 5000% APR. Fees charged on missed payments, early repayments or non-payments with compound interest added to every last bit of it.

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